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Managed by Eric Smith & Kari Smith the Sanuk Group has over 20 years of business experience.

The Sanuk Group is a family of business offerings helping companies bridge the gap between technology and marketing. We are very familiar with how these two things closely align with one another in today’s market. Technology is constantly changing and since marketing is primarily in digital form or on the internet, we feel that the gap between the two are quickly closing. 

Our concept of marketing is different from traditional Ad agencies. In this ever-changing digital world of marketing, we work directly with owners and team members to help you take back your marketing. We strive to EDUCATE & INFORM you along the way saving you time and money. Our prices are always straight-forward and there are never any hidden fees. We provide relevant marketing strategies that will fit any budget and there is no budget too small for us to work with.


*is a word meaning ‘fun’. But it’s more than just a word, it’s a concept; Sanuk is a concept about striving to achieve balance and happiness in whatever you do.

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