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We take a unique creative approach to building with you...

About Us

At the Sanuk Group we have over 20 years of technology and marketing experience. We are very familiar with how these two things closely align with one another in today’s market. Technology is constantly changing and since marketing is primarily in digital form or on the internet, we feel that the gap between the two are quickly closing. 


is a word meaning ‘fun’. But it’s more than just a word, it’s a concept; Sanuk is a concept about striving to achieve balance and happiness in whatever you do.


The Sanuk Group takes a unique balanced approach to helping you in your personal development and in your business. The Sanuk Group is a family of services with offerings in departments such as marketing, coaching and technology. We love working with open minded clients who understand that in today’s market it takes more than billboards and media placement. We pride ourselves on helping our clients to feel empowered and engaged on relevant platforms both in life and online. We help clients take back their marketing through simplifying and educating them on the process.



Digital Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Coach
Social Media Management



Brand Development
Content Creation
Logo and Mascot Design
Web Design
App Design & Development
Video Marketing



Point of Sale Setup, System and Process Development, Workflow Development, Best Practices, and Consulting.

Why we are different…

Our concept of marketing is different from traditional Ad agencies. In this ever-changing digital world of marketing, we work directly with owners and team members to help you take back your marketing. We strive to EDUCATE & INFORM you along the way saving you time and money. Our prices are always straight-forward and there are never any hidden fees. We provide relevant marketing strategies that will fit any budget and there is no budget too small for us to work with. 

* Sanuk: is a word meaning ‘fun’. But it’s more than just a word, it’s a concept; Sanuk is a concept about striving to achieve balance and happiness in whatever you do.


The Team


Eric Smith, Founder & CEO

Eric has a degree in Architecture and Design from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He has been an entrepreneur for most of his life and in business for over 20 years. With a background in many industries. Eric has always been drawn toward the creative part of business, time management and marketing. Through his time as a business owner, he has shared many successes, and a few failures that have proven to be great learning experiences. Some of the ventures Eric has been a part of include, retail stores, product development, business start-ups, Real Estate and property management.


Kari Smith, Photographer

Kari’s style is bold and real.  Her photography reflects realistic and thoughtful images that are solid and strong.  Kari has exceptional attention to detail and will capture the essence of who and what your business stands for. Kari brings a positive vibe and practical approach to every aspect of her projects.


April Guillote, Production Manger

True to her nature as an explorer, April has been in many industries picking up knowledge to support clients in all aspects of business.  Her background of administration and creative production brings a level of organization to the table that allows everyone to create freely and efficiently. A current graphic design student at Full Sail University, April encourages creativity and likes to push a design or concept to the next level.  Always looking for new avenues to move a client forward in their respective industry, April streamlines the process so you can focus on the journey of a project.


Stephanie Mire, Campaign Manager

Stephanie has an upbeat personality that is essential to any campaign. A graduate of Louisiana State University, Stephanie majored in Mass Communications and holds a minor in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.  She has the goods to help solve problems and bring a brand and company into full development. As a nurturer, Stephanie enjoys listening to clients and helping solve problems.


Noah B Callen, Videographer

Videographer by day and waffle chef at night. Noah brings a level of creativity and life to Sanuk. Soon to graduate from University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Noah has developed his marketing skills so he can effectively apply those directly to the task at hand. Noah’s thirst for learning helps him stay up-to-date on creative techniques which sets his videos apart.  His strong convictions and visionary approach will bring your video/campaign/project from concept through production so the final project is always top notch.


Marcus A. Mire – PRM, CPA’s

Working with Eric and the SaNuk Group for the last eight months has transformed our marketing with a systematic and consistent approach. His business coaching has also helped to streamline our internal processes and communication. I would highly recommend the SaNuk Group. - Marcus A. Mire, CPA Partner, Prejean Romero McGee, LLC

Katie Waxley – Preferred Lending Solutions

After 10 years of personal work experience as a marketing professional it’s easy to see that Eric just gets it. He has an eye for strategy and understanding what tactics should be applied to each particular client. There is real value in his work and he builds his clients’ businesses as well as educates and empowers. It’s a real breath of fresh air to have a quality marketing professional working for his clients to reach shared goals through proven plans while doing is with such honestly and integrity. Anytime I can refer a client to Eric I do so excitedly because I know his takes care of his clients, because I am one!

Contact Us


305 La Rue France
Suite 200
Lafayette, La 70508

(337) 257-9011
(337) 412-0574
[email protected]
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